4 foods that cause constipation and make it difficult to exit

Certain foods cause constipation when eaten in large portions or without a balance of good “colon cleansing” foods. This is another example where knowledge is power. By knowing which foods to avoid or cut down considerably, you are well on your way to taking better care of your colon. This is another way to help your body heal itself from the many diseases that surround us.

This list is in no particular order. Think about your last meal and discover innovative ways that you can help yourself to enjoy better health through the foods you eat. So here is my partial list of foods that cause constipation.

1. Potato: Potato is high in starch..

We usually eat too much when we consume mashed potatoes, French fries, French fries, and mixed instant potatoes. If you think you should eat potatoes, you should reduce the amount.

2. Meats fall into the category of foods that cause constipation because they are more difficult to digest..

Anything that slows down the digestive process and stays in the stomach for too long will lead to constipation. Too much meat will do that to you. This is another reason why meats and potatoes may not be too good for you, regardless of how cute it sounds to say that you are a “meat and potatoes boy.”

3. Bread is one of the culprits

Bread generally falls into a category of foods that are low in fiber, because in processing, natural fibers have been removed. This is not OK. Pizza can be delicious, but it also contributes to constipation because it contains two of the main culprits; cheese and bread. If you think you should eat pizza, do so in moderation. The best bread is whole grain bread with natural fiber.

4. Pasta: the main problem with pasta is that it has a lot of volume but very little fiber..

This makes it harder for your body to pass stool. By drinking at least 1.3 liters of water per day, you will help keep your stool moist so that it can be easily passed through the natural process.

Although this is an abbreviated list of foods that cause constipation, doesn’t it mean you shouldn’t eat them? However, if you do, you will have some difficulties. Remember that moderation is key, along with a good mix of raw vegetables, fruits, and nuts.

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