The Barrio Norte is home to independent restaurants, cafes, bars, record stores, and fashion stores that offer people uniquely styled products from the Barrio Norte from independent designers and merchants.

Affleck or Affleck’s Palace is an indoor market in the Northern Quarter. It serves as a location for several small independent shops, stalls and boutiques. The name originated from an old office located at its current location, called Affleck and Brown.

The independence of the market stalls and shops make it a unique shopping center. The market wonderfully reproduces the eclectic charm of the Barrio Norte.

You can buy different and uniquely made items from the designers and craftsmen themselves. Many stores sell homemade, limited edition, and one-of-a-kind items, so there really is a whole niche of one-of-a-kind items here. Local artists sell their work here, giving buyers the opportunity to have their own works of art.


Affleck has vintage clothing stores, handmade clothing stores, and stores that sell clothing from different countries like Japan. They even have a store that sells corsets, burlesque clothing, and sexy nightwear alongside the usual prom and wedding dresses. They have costume stores for all your costume needs. The Attic Theatrical Fancy Dress Shop has quirky costumes, theme costumes, retro clothing, gothic clothing, Christmas costumes, Halloween costumes, medieval costumes, different costumes from different decades, superhero costumes, cartoon character costumes, and many more.

Body modification

Affleck also has body modification shops like The Tattoo Studio, which has both male and female artists to suit customer tastes. The Tattoo Studio also pierces various parts of the body. They also have a selection of band products like T-shirts, hoodies, bags, purses, mugs and caps that have new designs every week.

Shiva is a specialty jewelry store for body piercing, gift items and specialty jewelry. Other stores also sell body piercing jewelry at Affleck’s; you just have to be patient to find the design they need.

Manufacturing materials

Affleck’s also has craft supply stores like The Bead Shop on the first floor. It is a well established shop that sells beads and jewelry making supplies. They even have beading classes throughout each week. They also sell a variety of ribbons of different sizes and colors.


Here there are also salons, hairdressers and massage parlors. Chinese Therapeutic is a massage parlor that offers full body massages, head massages, and even hair cutting services for men and women.

Affleck’s also has a cafeteria with a vintage touch. Located on the third floor, it also has a beautiful view. They offer hot and cold food, tea, coffee, and soft drinks along with vintage clothing and shoes.

Affleck’s and the entire Northern Quarter is a truly remarkable place in Manchester, especially if you are looking for creative finds. If you are looking to get inspired artistically, moving to Manchester is a great place to start. Explore and find one of the many apartments Manchester has to offer and experience the creative atmosphere of the Northern Quarter for yourself.

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