Bathtub refinishing is increasingly being used by hotels, apartment complexes, and homeowners due to the housing recession, mortgage collapse, and an overall depressed and depressing economy as a way to save money on renovation. of their bathrooms. Another interest in re-glazing is being driven by the informed masses who have shown a continuing interest in “greening” their homes, particularly in making them more energy efficient. Consumers are looking for ways to save money and the environment, and that’s what bathtub refinishing does – providing savings of up to 80% compared to replacement and avoiding landfills.

But unlike other services like carpet cleaning, plumbing, pest control, etc., where consumers know what to expect from their utility contractor, many are unfamiliar with the business of re-glazing bathtubs. And due to this lack of knowledge, many do not know what the process entails, what to expect, and what the end result will be. Here’s the bathtub refinishing process in a nutshell: A bathtub is cleaned, fully etched, cleaned, a primer coat is applied, and the top coat is applied.

The equipment used is a turbine, a sprayer and a large extractor. Protective gear is similar to what you will see used to remove mold or remove asbestos. If the fumes coming out of the bathroom are not healthy for the person doing the repainting in the bathroom, do you think it is safe for you, your pets, and especially the little ones and older ones in the home?

Many bathtub refinishing companies will tell you that they use a proprietary coating formulated by them and for them. Ask for your sacred MSDS. It contained enough toxic materials for his technicians to dress as if they were cleaning a room full of asbestos. Water-based coatings are improving, but water condenses in the bathroom and tub. Go figure. Each etching product contains some level of acid. The VOC concentration is high. Unfortunately, from the largest bathtub renovation companies to the small town’s bathtub refurbishment company that uses exhaust fans to remove fumes and their odor. They leave behind a large amount of toxic fumes and odors that last for days.

Are there air cleaners that can absorb those fumes and odors and still conserve the environment?

These portable systems work in a completely enclosed bathroom. They are quiet, so guests and tenants who sleep while the bathtub is re-glazed is done in the adjoining room. In fact, some companies are using hospital grade air scrubbers while re-glazing a tub due to the importance these companies place on the health of their customers and the environmental impact of their work. These portable units are in the bathrooms where the new glazing is done.

All fumes and odors are captured and there are no hoses or cables coming out of the bathroom as a safety hazard. The technology is here. Next time you call your friendly bathtub refinishing company, ask them how they’re going to mitigate odor and fumes. If you are still using old technology with its environmental impact in this century, they are not your company. Ask questions, protect your health and that of hotel guests and apartment tenants.

The slow economy is forcing hotels and hotel chains to find creative ways to save money and the environment while remodeling their bathrooms. Many are concerned about the effects of excess steam on their guests and their health, the noise created by outdated bathtub finishing systems, the impact of old technology on the environment. Ask lots of questions before hiring your next friendly bathtub renovation company.

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