Do you need a tea wallet?

The tea wallet can complete your dining experience.

How often have you gone to a well-known restaurant and enjoyed a delicious meal only to be disappointed in the tea served? There are restaurants that bring a pot of hot water with a bag on the side and yes, some restaurants bring an awesome looking box filled with tea bags. They offer you a variety of bags.

If you have ever visited a real tea house or a room, you know the experience of that special flavor. A cup of tea made from quality loose leaves.

I was excited to find a product that makes the dining tea experience a pleasure. If you are a loose leaf lover, it is now possible to carry your own loose leaf tea in a discreet and convenient wallet made especially for carrying leaf tea. Choose the tea you like and put it in the tea tin that is provided with the wallet. There is also a place for a tea sock so you have everything at your fingertips to make your favorite tea right at your table. Ask the waiters about the pot of hot water. Many of us would be more than willing to pay for your bag of dust to get to the water. Please don’t let that bag float in the water, I’ll take care of the preparation with my own loose leaves.

In the past it was necessary to carry a plastic bag of tea leaves (Who wants to do that when you dress to the nines and sit in a fancy restaurant?) Or settle for mediocre tea bags. While this doesn’t bother some people, others find it somewhat embarrassing and would really rather have the restaurant offer loose leaf tea. Until that happens, discuss the convenience of having a wallet to carry tea. Slip one into your purse, your gym bag, your briefcase, or even your coat pocket. Never run out of your favorite loose leaf tea.

While you’re there, take the time to express your opinion to staff, including management. Let them know how much you appreciate the wonderful food and friendly atmosphere. Let them know that loose leaf tea will add another dimension of quality that the public will appreciate and reward. When that happens, you will continue to take your tea wallet to work with you.

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