How can I make my website load faster?

Improving your page load speed can increase conversions and drastically improve the user experience using your website. Fortunately, there are some very simple things you can do to improve your page loading speed.

The more you have on a page, the longer it will take to render

These are called HTTP requests, and they bring the components of everything on the page, from images to style sheets and everything else that makes your website look the way it does. But there are ways to minimize HTTP requests so it doesn’t take longer. Even a few seconds of improvement will mean higher conversions.

Use Google Webmaster Information

Google Webmaster gives you all kinds of tools to use, including something called Page Speed ​​Tools. This allows you to analyze the speed of your website, as well as give you suggestions on what to do to fix it. You can also use Chrome to install various extensions that help keep your site running fast.

Be sure to compress where you can

If you are creating very long, high-quality pages, they are likely to be huge and require a lot to download to your visitor’s computer. When you can reduce the size of your pages, which also reduces the HTTP response, you can make your pages load faster.

Secure browser caching

If you don’t know what that is, it’s a browser’s way of downloading parts of the website to the user’s computer into its temporary storage when calling the website more than once. This will make the page load faster every time they visit your website. It is an important way to speed up a page.

Format images correctly

On websites, the best format for an image is JPEG, which will load faster. Next is PNG, and finally, don’t use GIFs unless it’s necessary for animated gifts. Never use BMP or TIFF files as they will not work correctly.

Optimize your style sheets

It is believed that it is better to use only an external CSS style sheet. Each additional style sheet will increase the slowness of your website. The more you can combine external CSS files, the better your website speed will be. If you are not sure how to do these things, you may need to seek out an expert.

Reduce the number of redirects on your website

Many people use redirects for affiliate programs and other reasons to make the link look prettier or to hide the affiliate link code. However, while these are great uses for redirects, try to keep them to a minimum. Redirects take longer to send the code to the user and slow down the page.

Use fewer plugins

Many people use website builders like self-hosted WordPress to build their websites. These constructors have little applications called “accessories” that extends the functionality of the website. These are great, but it’s important that you find or buy themes with as many features as possible already available and use fewer plugins to achieve what you need for your website.

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