Man’s best friend: dogs

My favorite animal is the dog. It is sometimes called “man’s best friend.” My uncle’s favorite animal is also the dog. He also has a dog. His breed is a Mini Schnauzer and his name is Bailey. Let me tell you more about dogs.

There are many different breeds of dogs. Retrievers, Terriers, and Spaniels are just a few examples. They all have at least one difference. Each race is unique. For example, a large standing Giant Schnauzer will be almost as tall as a grown male.

Different types of dogs can be used for different purposes. For example, greyhounds are used to hunt, while the Australian Kelpie is used to surround sheep. Bailey’s purpose will be for one pet only.

Did you know that dogs can also be used for other special purposes? Can dogs be ‘eyes for the blind’ and ‘ears for the deaf’ too? Dogs can help draw their owner’s attention to something, for example, draw the deaf mother’s attention to the crying baby or guide the blind person to a seat on the bus.

Do you know how dogs learn tricks? First, the dog must be in a place surrounded by treats. Then you need to tell your dog the trick you want to teach him in one word. For example, you want your dog to learn how to retrieve a stick. You take him to a place full of goodies and throw a stick at him. Then you yell, “Go find!” Then your dog retrieves the stick and you give him a cookie. For every successful trick you must give him a treat or your dog will never learn.

Let me tell you some ‘Amazing Dog Records’. As far as I know, the fastest breed of dog is the Greyhound, which can reach speeds of 40 miles per hour. The largest dog is the Giant Schnauzer, which can grow to the size of a man!

I hope to have a dog as a pet one day. Dogs are really nice. I really like Bailey. The breed that I would like to have is the Golden Retriever. Dogs are helpful and adorable. No wonder they are called ‘Man’s Best Friend!’

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