Rohan Online Half Elf Ranger Class Building (PvP-PvE)

Half Elf Ranger Class Build (PvP / PvE)

The half-elf ranger build, in my opinion, is the king of the solo. This build is designed to bombard enemies from insane attack range. The Ranger has a decent critical rate and some great rooting spells.

Stats Generation: Your leveling points should be distributed as 1VIT – 3 DEX or This ranger build has no psyche, so you will depend on the pots for your mana, so you have to be careful not to deplete it too soon. You’ll have some decent HP. with 130 VIT points in case someone is lucky enough to approach you.

This build has a great DEX distribution to boost your ranged attack quite a bit. You will have great damage and a long range to do it.

PvE – The easiest class to play solo by far and one of the fasted classes to level up as well. Most mobs won’t even get close enough to you to hurt you, as you have a long attack range and have the ability to slow your target’s mobility speed. Only ranged mobs will have a chance to fire a few shots before hitting the ground bleeding. You really only need to cast one ability per mob before they die, as you’ll be dealing nasty normal ranged attack damage. It will also be easy for you when you are at a high level mafia grind party. You don’t really have to move a lot, just let the tanker trucks load up and pull a little here and there.

PvP: The Ranger class is one of the few classes that performs well against ranged and melee classes in PvP. You take out magic-type classes quite easily and melee classes can be stunned and slowed down before they can get to you. You can deal powerful critical damage at long range using Critical Shot. The Ranger has a great PvP skill at his disposal, including Deluxe Shot and Premium Shot, which leaves enemies with parts of their HP bar missing lol. A good spell to start your PvP sequence is Speed โ€‹โ€‹Wind, which increases your attack speed to an incredible speed that lasts for 10 seconds. When a melee class finally hits you, hit it with Brandish Kick, which has a 70% chance to stun the target for 9 seconds. You can get away from enemies easily, as you have a higher mobility capacity.

Bottom Line: This ranger setup is balanced and you will have extended use of your skills and be able to play solo and pvp well. You don’t have a lot of mana, so be careful. Remember that the range is your advantage, do not let the melee get close or they will destroy you ๐Ÿ™‚

Generation of stat points at level 99

Recommended Spell Upgrades:

(Tree Archer Half Elf)

1. Darkness-Level 5: Increases dark damage by 100%, res50% 8% chance to decrease 30% of target’s atk speed for 7 seconds.

2. Psychic Piercing-Level 1: 160% of normal damage.

3. Far Shot-Level 5: Increases Attack Range by 50% for 9 min.

4. Enchanted Arrow-Level 5: Increases arrow damage by 30 for 30 min.

5. Pierce-Level 5 Blackout: 35% chance to decrease target’s movement speed by 50% for 10 seconds, last 18 minutes.

6. Bleeding Shot-Level 1: The “Bleeding” effect dealt 70% of normal damage every 3 seconds, occurred 5 times.

7. Nimble-Level 5: Increases dexterity by 30%, lasts 30 min.

8. Brandish Kick-Level 5: 70% chance to stun the target during the last 9 seconds.

9. Weak Arrow-Level 1: Decrease 3% of the target in the last 30 seconds.

10. Fatal Level 5: Critical Damage increases by dex * 3.0, last 15 minutes.

11. Sprint-Level 4: Increases movement speed by 80% in 27 seconds.

12. Evasion Level 1: Increases Evasion Rate by 10% in the last 18 minutes.

13. Piercing Root-Level 4: Normal attacks 130%, 50% chance to hold the target in place for 5 seconds.

14. Double Strike-Level 1: Increase 20% of normal damage, attack the target twice.

Recommended Spell Upgrades:

(Half Elf Ranger Tree)

1. Crossbow Mastery Level 5: Increases X-bow’s atk by 25%, last 30 min.

2. Open Eyes-Level 1: Instantly removes the root condition.

3. Cheat level 1: I would not be attacked by an npc guard during gvg and during the red name period, the last 5 minutes.

4. Detection Level 1: Detects a hidden target within the 10m range, the last 30 seconds.

5. Disappearance-Level 1: 50% chance of hiding, last 30 minutes. move, paste or use the article will expose.

6. Siege Shot-Level 5: Unable to move for 10 seconds, means while atk + 90%.

7. Killer Shot-Level 5: Increases atk damage per kill count * 90.

8. Wind Speed-Level 5: Increases atk speed by 160%, last 10 seconds.

9. Arrow of Kael-Level 2: Creates 100 bolts with 120 damage.

10. Swiftness Strike-Level 5: Increases dexterity by 15%, last 30 min.

11. Strip Shot-evel 5: Ignore defense, increase damage by 70%

12. Rank 1 firing level: Total damage = weapon rank * 50.

13. Critical Shot – Level 5: When the target is hit, 90% chance of a critical hit.

14. Premium Shooting Level 1: Increases the weapon’s atk by 200%.

15. Magic Guard-Level 1: Unaffected by magic for 10 seconds.

16. Deluxe Shot-Level 1: Increases the weapon’s atk by 200%.

17. Winged Foot Level 5: 18 mp per second, party members increase movement speed by 100%.

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