Teen hair style ideas

Perhaps there is never a better time when you can sport very modern and original hairstyles like when you are a teenager. Teen hair style, although it always evolves and reflects the tastes of the generation, it always tends to be a modern style that is difficult for older people to imitate and still look great. From a ton of texture to original and fresh color techniques, teen cuts are always on the cutting edge of fashion.

The funky teenage hairstyle always looks like something out of the runway. Infused with rich, modern colors, it goes a long way to capturing an era in its entirety. Just think of all the famous teen styles of the past. Entire generations have been defined by the trendy hairstyles worn by teenagers of that time.

Today, the best styles for teens are more fashionable than ever, covering a wide range of shapes, lengths and textures. Perhaps for the first time, the adolescent’s hairstyle is a reflection of the inner person rather than outer adolescent popular cultures. I mean think about how many popular teen styles there are to choose from. We are no longer like previous generations.

While there are a myriad of styles to choose from and numerous variations of each, it can be difficult to find the perfect hairstyle that reflects your personality and tastes. So if you are a teenager, here are some ideas for your next hairstyle.

The short teenage hairstyle

Hair has never been shorter. In fact, many teenagers now wear their hair shorter than boys. But one thing is always certain; short teen style is always in fashion. Full of texture and interest, short is never boring.

Probably the most popular short hair style for teens today is a variation of the pixie cut. Only about 1 “to 1 ½” long, this style is highly textured and can be worn in a number of different ways. From stiff spikes and smooth funk to near-head braids, this teen hairstyle suits a wide range of tastes.

The textured hairstyle for teens

No matter the length of your locks, texture is needed to achieve a modern hairstyle. This texture can be created by cutting and shaving techniques, it can be natural as in the case of natural curl, and it can be created chemically using perms and straighteners or heat styling tools.

As mentioned above, today’s teen hairstyle is never boring. Not only does the texture bring your hair to life, it can also take a popular style and make it uniquely yours. Take, for example, a simple layered style. Falling roughly to shoulder length, this type of hairstyle would be boring if left hanging straight. But if you take the same cut and add pomade to texture the ends or add spiral curls with tube rollers, you could really create a different look every day.

The style and color of teenage hair.

Every fashionable haircut needs color, and the same goes for the teenage hairstyle. Adding color can be as simple as a few highlights or lowlights or it can come in the form of dramatic changes, such as dark colors for the gothic style. Color can also be a statement in its own right. Just look at the colors worn by Pink and Christina Aguilera. Her most popular teen haircuts weren’t really that unique, it was her color that set her teen hair style apart from others.

When choosing your hair color, don’t be afraid to try something original and unique. This may be the only time in your life that you can get by with blue highlights. Also, don’t get caught up in choosing the same color for your teen hairstyle that you’ve seen other people wear. Stay unique, venture out, be brave and you will always have a teenage hairstyle worthy of envy.

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