Xbox 360 blinking red lights: can it really be cured?

The Xbox 360’s problem with blinking red lights is continually increasing, which we can see from the exponential increase in its mention on the internet. There are many YouTube videos now showing your Xbox 360 flashing red lights and the suggested repair method: Does this method really cure the Xbox 360 flashing red lights problem? – Keep reading …

I recently had this blinking red lights issue on my xbox 360 which set me on fire to investigate further on this topic. I was literally drenched with the internet as I was desperate to get my xbox to work. What I thought was “spending about $ 140 and sending it to Microsoft would fix my xbox 360 flashing red lights problem.” But when I started reading the forums, I slowly understood that the above-mentioned method does not have a 100% success rate. What do you mean by that?

Some of the xboxes, even after Microsoft’s service, reverted to their blinking red lights state. That is very sad. But there was good news waiting for me.

There was an instant fix for the Xbox 360 blinking red lights problem. It was called the “towel method.” So what is that method? Read below ..

Listen, all you have to do is turn on your xbox, wrap your xbox in a good towel, and leave it there for about 10 minutes. Then turn off your xbox, unwrap the towel, and turn on your xbox. Bingo !! It works dude … I had a good 3 hours of gameplay before the ugly “Xbox 360 flashing red lights” phase again. This made me look for a permanent solution. Before that I have a warning for you

This towel method doesn’t work for everyone. There were many people who reported failures. But that’s not the warning. The caveat is that the “towel method” can do more damage to your xbox than the temporary fix it offers. It is actually a negative approach to fixing the problem of blinking red lights when overheating your xbox above normal temperature.

When it overheats, there is a chance that the disconnected solder joints (which is the cause of this problem) will melt and rejoin. But doing this over and over again could lead to further complications, such as motherboard or GPU damage, that can never be repaired. So is there a permanent cure?

After long hours of searching, forum tips, and reviews from our Xbox colleagues, I found a permanent cure for the Xbox 360 flashing red lights problem. And that worked like a charm. Follow me below to know more about the permanent solution.

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