Beagle Dog Training – How To Train Your Beagle To Lie Down

Beagles are fantastic dogs to have as companions, but you must remember not to overlook the fact that beagles require very specific training and environment to develop to their full potential.

If you train your beagle with patience and perseverance, you will eventually have a very obedient dog, one that will do almost anything on command. This is a very special ability, especially if you have a beagle. This is due to the fact that these dogs are hunting dogs and will generally go where their noses tell them, rather than where their master tells them to.

A great way to start your beagle dog training would be to teach him the command to “lie down”.

So what is the “lie down” command?

The lie down command is simply having your beagle lie on his stomach on your command. In addition to this, the beagle should not move until you release the command for it to do so.

That makes sense! But how does the “lie down” command work? You can find the instructions for this question below.

Training Instructions:

1. Start by having your beagle in a sitting position and make sure you get his attention. This can be accomplished by simply calling your name.

2. She then lets him know that it’s time to do a training exercise by holding some sort of treat or toy above his head so it’s clearly visible. Make sure your beagle stays seated and doesn’t come near you. Remember, we must keep them focused on the task at hand.

3. You can now begin to hold the treat closer to your beagle’s chest. Really emphasize keeping the focus on you and not the treat. If you see that your beagle is not paying attention to you, snap your fingers and say “eyes here.” Once the beagle looks at you, you can reward him until he can do it consistently.

4. Next, bring the treat from your beagle’s chest straight down between his paws. As you do this, be sure to say “down,” once he’s laid down, give your beagle the treat and pet him too. You need to do this several times until it becomes second nature.

5. Lastly, start walking away from your beagle and make sure he doesn’t suddenly appear. If he does, no rewards are given. On the other hand, if your beagle remains in the lying position until you release the command, then you can reward him with the treat.

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