Vacation Attractions in Puerto Rico!

One day I was visiting a community discussion forum and came across a member’s request for more information on what attractions were close to where they were staying. I was surprised by one of the answers which said “Other than golf and the beach, there really wasn’t much to do there” Puerto Rico is only two hundred miles long by 35 miles wide, in light of this you can drive almost any part of the island in one day.

Here is a list of some of the main events on the island.

o Punta Borinquen Golf Course, in Aguadilla

o Luis A. Ferré Science Park, in Bayamón

o Joaquín de Rojas House Museum & Monte Torrecilla, in Barranquitas

o Artisans of Cabo Rojo, Museum of the Próceres and Salar de Salinas in Cabo Rojo

or Caribbean Raceway Park, in Carolina

o Caja de Muertos Beach, in Caja de Muertos

o Snorkel and Diving in Culebra

o Ojo del Buey & Dorado Del Mar Golf Club, in Dorado

o The Fajardo Lighthouse, in Fajardo

o La Parguera Phosphorescent Bay and Punta Ballena Reserve, in Guánica

o Astronomical Observatory & The Shiraz Charters, in Humacao

o The Fiesta de Reyes Isabelinos, in Isabela

o Plaza Colon Yaguez Theater, in Mayaguez

or El Morro, in Old San Juan

o Carite Forest Reserve, in Patillas

o Tibes Indigenous Ceremonial Center and Ponce Art Museum, in Ponce

o Vertical Skatepark Roller Exploration, in Quebradillas

or El Faro Lighthouse, in Rincón

o Bahia Beach Plantation Golf Course, in Río Grande

or La Fortaleza, in San Juan

o Vieques National Wildlife Refuge, in Vieques

o Roig Refinery, in Yabucoa

These are just some of the attractions available to tourists who visit this paradisiacal island. If you are looking for cultural attractions, you should head to Old San Juan, walk the narrow, winding, cobblestone roads, sample the architecture and visit the museums. If you enjoy shopping there are great stores all over Old San Juan, you can spend a day going in and out of these stores selling just about anything from handmade artisan items to gold and jewelry.

All the fast food chains and restaurants found on the mainland have a presence here, McDonald’s, Burger king, KFC, Macaroni Grill, Sizzler just to mention a few. Alternatively, you can enjoy Pollo Tropical, Martin Chicken or any of the local food restaurants that serve just about anything you can imagine. Seafood lovers will love our restaurants serving fresh seafood caught by fishermen who go out daily for the catch of the day.

Puerto Rico is an island paradise with beaches on every coast; They boast beautiful warm blue waters with some of the best panoramic views in the world. There is plenty of nightlife in San Juan and Isla Verde with casinos in many of the major hotels. I could spend a whole week taking in all that Puerto Rico has to offer and not cover a third of what we have mentioned here in this article.

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